Why Metabolic Jumpstart is different

A nutrition plan matched for YOUR metabolism!

Metabolically matched for YOU!

Metabolic Jumpstart works because (unlike so many diets out there) I carefully match your nutrition plan to your individual metabolism and desired results. It only takes four weeks for a Metabolic Jumpstart and is a fraction of a face-to-face consultation cost...

Tick Individually matched for YOU

You'll start with a Personal Profile which I use to build your nutrient-rich diet plan. Your plan is matched based on your weight, activity, desired results, protein or carbohydrate match, and much more. And it's all online. 

Tick Nutrient-rich and optimised

Your Metabolic Jumpstart plan is designed with optimum amounts of nutrient-rich foods for your metabolism. I work it all out for you, so you nourish every cell in your body and optimise your metabolism. Other diets won't optimise nutrients from all food groups that is now essential for successful weight management.

Tick Flexible, with no calorie counting

You'll use my easy "Mix & Match" system to eat the foods you like on your nutrient-rich plan. You get clear personal targets for food groups to keep you on track for results and I'll show you exactly how much exercise you need to do to burn off indulgences.

Tick Four weeks to re-program your eating habits

I'll coach you step-by-step in my simple but powerful 4-week online program that will Re-Energise your diet, Re-Wire your appetite, Re-Ignite your metabolism and Re-balance your mood. You automatically re-program your eating habits with incredibly effective ideas for changing how you think about food.

Tick Ongoing expert advice and support

By choosing the MJ Club (MJ Plus) option when you register, you'll also get access to powerful resources and tools like the Food Database, Exercise Log, Recipes, Tip Sheets, Seminars and an energising weekly MJ Club eNews. You can also call on the direct, ongoing support from me and my team for any adjustments to your plan. We will be with you every step of the way.

Tick Mission Metabolism starts now!

You can jumpstart your family and friends too. You choose either an Accelerator or Jumpstarter Plan for weight loss, a Maintainer, or a Gainer Plan to bulk up. Your partner, family, friends or workmates can all join you with their own plan.

Whole families have made the switch to nutrient-rich eating on Metabolic Jumpstart. It's all part of "Mission Metabolism" - to help the nation eat better, move more and build a healthy metabolism. It's the jumpstart we all need.


Big cheers,

Matt O'Neill
BSpSc, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD, AN.
Creator, Metabolic Jumpstart
& Director
SmartShape Centre for Weight Management

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