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So many Fitness Professionals have referred their clients for a Metabolic Jumpstart. What a great combination - I provide a metabolically matched diet, plus an energising program and
you train your clients and add a generous dose of motivation.

New Dimensions Health Club - Mt Druit Sydney, Australia
500+ Jumpstarted

New Dimensions
Metabolic Jumpstart already begun to bridge the gap between what fitness professionals can provide to clients in both the fitness and weight loss industries. For some years now we here at New Dimensions Health Club have been looking for a standardised program on nutrition counselling that is not only effective but easy for clients to follow. The format in which the reports are finished provides and very clear understanding of what is required to achieve your goals, and is also extremely informative with regards to health risks and factors for a client. Continuing to work with Matt O'Neill on mission metabolism is something we are still keen to develop, and we are 100% confident that the program will provide many answers to client needs for our facility.
James Banks, Manager

Savvy Health & Fitness - Wollongong, Australia
300+ Jumpstarted

Savvy FitnessThe Metabolic Jumpstart has proved to be a most effective, natural solution to improved nutrition and optimum health among our members at Savvy Health & Fitness. We previously lacked the strategies that enabled us to successfully educate our clients in the area of nutrition. Matt O'Neill's Metabolic Jumpstart program has made it so easy for us to incorporate nutrition into our client's programs and has led to astounding success in achieving our client's goals.
Angela Saville, Owner

Bluefit Health Club - Seven Hills Sydney, Australia
200+ Jumpstarted

BlueFitMetabolic Jump start is a fantastic way for new members to get their exercise and eating habits all started at one time to achieve their goals quicker. The program is so simple and so grounded that anyone can follow it. It’s about good nutrition and that is more important that any diet. Nutrition guidance is somewhat lacking in health clubs and Metabolic Jump start fills the gap with little effort. Our trainers and members have thoroughly embraced the program with enthusiasm.
Amanda Bracks-Taylor, Manager

Q2 Health - Darwin, Australia

Q2 Health"After experiencing the program first hand, I was impressed with MJ's simplicity, ease of implementation, sound knowledge base and specificity, that I decided it was the perfect fit with my corporate health programs. It empowers participants with the knowledge and understanding to incorporate nutritious eating habits into their daily routines and to meet their individual goals whether that includes weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance."
- Lisa Quinell, Owner

Katalyst Wellness & Lifestyle - Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding Metabolic Jumpstart program. Not only did I get direction, structure, skills and confidence in the nutrition side of personal training . All my clients that use Metabolic Jumpstart have fantastic results, some even loosing 15 Kilos as it gave them tools and skills to change their eating habits. They are the real winners from Metabolic Jumpstart. I would highly recommend metabolic jumpstart for any one whether its weight loss, muscle gain or maintenance!"
- Jim Stolikas, Owner


Fitness Energy - Melbourne, Australia

"The Metabolic Jumpstart coaching course was a fantastic day filled with great information on how one can get “mission metabolism” underway. I am looking forward to helping my clients improve their health using Metabolic Jumpstart. Most people are part of the way there with their food and exercise but the Metabolic Jumpstart program will provide that boost for real results."
- Jane Kilkenny


Solutions Health & Fitness - Mackay QLD, Australia

"Metabolic Jumpstart Coach Certification was a great days training and well worth the expense of travelling from north QLD to attend the training. I have a passion to make Australia a healthier place and being confident to take the program to my health club after today’s sessions."
- Anne Gillham

QPEC - Brisbane, Australia

"The most positive and improved diet program I have come across! Easy to follow, great support, never alone, and something there for everyone. This is healthy and inspiring, really works and lasts a lifetime."
- Ken Baldwin

Realfit - Melbourne, Australia

"Metabolic Jumpstart is a great way to get in tune with your body and nutrition. It is definitely a product that will help us make our country a much healthier and fitter nation sharing this information is definitely a must."
- Gerald Molnarffy

"Matt’s Metabolic Jumpstart Program has made healthy eating simple. Matt’s metabolically matched diet plan and all the Metabolic Jumpstart tools is something I have been waiting for years for. The best health and fitness product on the market."

- Dean Casamento

Fit to Travel - Sydney, Australia

"To get the results you want your clients to get, get with Matt O’Neill’s Metabolic Jumpstart Program. A easy real food nutrient rich diet plan matched to your metabolism. This makes the difference when you commit, give Metabolic Jumpstart a go! It is the best diet plan."
- Paul Lewis


Melissa hughes - Beaumont Hills Sydney, Australia

"I feel more confident to go out and promote the Metabolic Jumpstart program. I believe in the product and I am looking forward to getting my clients onto Metabolic Jumpstart. Thanks Matt and team for a great day."
- Melissa hughes

Kim Sesperez - Sydney, Australia

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learning the Metabolic Jumpstart program. I feel this program will cater for the needs of many different clients. I look forward to bringing it to them and helping them to further achieve better results, I also can’t wait to get into my program too. The course was great and concise, thanks for a great day!"
- Kim Sesperez

Graham Doolan - Sydney, Australia

"Clearly presented and easy to follow, Metabolic Jumpstart focuses on nutrition and healthy eating. No more meal replacement  shakes. Metabolic Jumpstart  allows people to understand that optimizing their metabolism will help them achieve their goals. Course presentation was fantastic as well."
- Graham Doolan


Realfit & Ignite Fitness - Melbourne, Australia

"I found the possibilities available with Metabolic Jumpstart really exciting for myself, my clients and my training at Real Fit & Ignite Fitness. He provides clarity and motivation to optimize your lifestyle through nutrition and exercise."
- Kate Pedicini


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