MJ Coach Certification

Certification Courses - Sydney, Melb + NZ, UK

I’ve Jumpstarted over 6000 people in the last 12 months! Now, I want to share my system and secrets for success. I'll show you how to inform and inspire your clients with unique insight and skills you’ll master as a MJ Coach. – Matt O’Neill

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5 Reasons Reasons to become a Certified MJ Coach (6 CECs Applied)

If you’ve done MJ, shared it and love it, you won’t need convincing that completing MJ Coach Certification is a good idea. But here are a few reasons anyway:

  1. You’ll have greater knowledge about MJ and how it works
  2. You’ll have greater control to deliver MJ's dietitian-designed diets to your clients
  3. You’ll be approved to charge a fee for delivering MJ to individuals or groups
  4. You’ll enjoy the confidence and support of a Partnership with Matt O'Neill
  5. You’ll make a difference by Jumpstarting the nation to reduce obesity
At the MJ Coach Certification you'll be inspired and energised by Matt to feel more confident to help more people get into shape and stay healthy for a lifetime.

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Tick What the course covers

Your MJ Coach Course will ensure you are confident to deliver key elements of the Metabolic Jumpstart program so you maximise the benefits for you and your clients:

  • How to explain and facilitate completion of the online Personal Profile
  • How to deliver the Report information to your clients
  • How to use My Jumpstart and MJ Plus + sections of the website
  • How to confidently coach each MJ session (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and Review)
  • How to advise on Tune-Ups to plans for enhanced results
  • How to effectively manage weight loss plateaus and road blocks
  • Know exactly when to refer for medical assessment or advice
You'll have expert support from Matt and his MJ Dietitians to get better results.

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Tick Learn even more powerful ways to use MJ

At your MJ Coach Certification, you'll learn how to get even more out of MJ:

  • How to use the Daily Target Cards for accountability and rewards
  • When to refer to the MJ website for Matt's coaching & advice
  • How to use the Calorie Burning Minutes in the MJ Report
  • How to customise the Ready Reckoner for individual clients
  • How to adjust menu plans to include specific meal timing strategies
  • Offer specific advice for Accelerators, Jumpstarters, Maintainers and Gainers
  • How to use the Appetite, Effort and Mood Gauges to change behaviour
You'll discover why so many people are saying that Metabolic Jumpstart has helped them make a permanent switch to nutrient-rich eating. Read Jumpstarter Testimonials.

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Tick What you receive at the course

Nutrition is complex, but Metabolic Jumpstart is simple. You receive these resources:
  • MJ Certified Coach Level 1 Manual
  • MJ Certified Coach Level 1 Certificate
  • MJ Coach Quick Reference Cards
  • MJ Program Powerpoint Slides
  • MJ Coach Button Badge
  • MJ Coach Level 1 Logo
  • Access to the Coaches Locker (private section of the website)
  • Applied for 6 CECs from Fitness Australia

As an Official Partner, you will also have access to promotional materials.

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Tick Assessment & Certification

To ensure you can confidently coach the MJ program, you'll need to undertake the following assessment tasks:

  • Course exam (you can get started on this in the course)
  • Case Study (written report on a sample MJ Plan for Jenny Jumpstarter)
  • Client Testimonial (written testimonial from someone you have Jumpstarted)

Assessment must be submitted within 3 months of your Certification Course. If for whatever reason you are not successful in completing your asssessment tasks, you will be able to re-submit materials for re-assessment.

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Tick Certification Pre-Requisites & Maintaining Certification

*Receive FREE Metabolic Jumpstart Registration and 3 Months FREE Membershipto MJ Plus valued at $AUD60 when you enrol in this course. Offer not available for existing registrations or MJ Plus + members.

Becoming a MJ Coach is the next step in a logical and rewarding pathway with Metabolic Jumpstart. To attend MJ Coach Certification, you need to have completed all of the following:
  • Register for your own 4-Week Metabolic Jumpstart ($29.95) *FREE when you enrol
  • Join MJ Plus + ($9.95 monthly member subscription) when you register or upgrade *3 Months FREE when you enrol
  • Apply to be a MJ Official Partner (no additional fees)
  • Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia or UK, NZ equivalent
  • Hold as a minimum, Certificate III in Fitness or UK, NZ equivalent*

*If you do not have a Cert III in Fitness and are passionate about becoming a MJ Coach, please contact us and share why, letting us know of any qualifications you have. 

Maintaining the currency of your MJ Coach Certification is important to ensure you are familiar with the MJ system, have all the very latest MJ resources and are confident with any new materials. You will be required to complete a minimum Continuing Education Program with MJ. At this stage, it is expected to take the form of an annual update day and/or online education. Regular updates will be a normal part of your MJ Coach support in any case.

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FAQs MJ Coach FAQs

Q: What can I charge for MJ Coaching sessions?
A: That's up to you. Session fees charged by Fitness Professionals vary based on experience and skills. As a guide, a fee being equal to a 30 minute Personal Training session would be appropriate. As you become more experienced coaching MJ, it makes sense that you charge a higher fee.

Q: Do I charge for individual sessions or a full MJ Program?
A: The Metabolic Jumpstart 4-Week program consists of 4 weekly sessions and a Tune-Up review sessions, so 5 sessions in total. At your course, you will be shown how to promote and sell a full program of 5 coaching sessions.

Q: Can I charge for a Maintenance program?
A: Yes, you are encouraged to continue weekly MJ coaching sessions with your clients after they complete their initial 4-week program. At your course, you will be shown how to structure maintenance sessions and utilise the weekly updates from the MJ Plus + Membership.

Q: Will I be able to run MJ Group sessions?
A: Yes, you can easily deliver MJ to groups and will be shown how to do this at your course. You choose the fee from this and are encouraged to promote participation of your group in a full MJ program of 5 group sessions. This is a great idea for social support.

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Feedback Testimonials from Fitness Professionals

"I just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding Metabolic Jumpstart program. Not only did I get direction, structure, skills and confidence in the nutrition side of personal training . All my clients that use Metabolic Jumpstart have fantastic results, some even loosing 15 Kilos as it gave them tools and skills to change their eating habits. They are the real winners from Metabolic Jumpstart. I would highly recommend metabolic jumpstart for any one whether its weight loss, muscle gain or maintenance!"
- Jim Stolikas, Katalyst Wellness Lifestyle Training, Sydney

"After experiencing the program first hand, I was impressed with MJ's simplicity, ease of implementation, sound knowledge base and specificity, that I decided it was the perfect fit with my corporate health programs. It empowers participants with the knowledge and understanding to incorporate nutritious eating habits into their daily routines and to meet their individual goals whether that includes weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance."
- Lisa Quinell, Q2 Health, Darwin

"The Metabolic Jumpstart coaching course was a fantastic day filled with great information on how one can get “mission metabolism” underway. I am looking forward to helping my clients improve their health using Metabolic Jumpstart. Most people are part of the way there with their food and exercise but the Metabolic Jumpstart program will provide that boost for real results."
- Jane Kilkenny, Fitness Energy, Melbourne

"Metabolic Jumpstart Coach Certification was a great days training and well worth the expense of travelling from north QLD to attend the training. I have a passion to make Australia a healthier place and being confident to take the program to my health club after today’s sessions.
- Anne Gillham, Solutions Health & Fitness , Mackay

"I feel more confident to go out and promote the Metabolic Jumpstart program. I believe in the product and I am looking forward to getting my clients onto Metabolic Jumpstart. Thanks Matt and team for a great day.
- Melissa hughes, Beaumont Hills

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learning the Metabolic Jumpstart program. I feel this program will cater for the needs of many different clients. I look forward to bringing it to them and helping them to further achieve better results, I also can’t wait to get into my program too. The course was great and concise, thanks for a great day!
- Kim Sesperez, Sydney

"Clearly presented and easy to follow, Metabolic Jumpstart focuses on nutrition and healthy eating. No more meal replacement  shakes. Metabolic Jumpstart  allows people to understand that optimizing their metabolism will help them achieve their goals. Course presentation was fantastic as well.
- Graham Doolan, Sydney

"The most positive and improved diet program I have come across! Easy to follow, great support, never alone, and something there for everyone. This is healthy and inspiring, really works and lasts a lifetime.
- Ken Baldwin, QPEC, Brisbane

"Metabolic Jumpstart is a great way to get in tune with your body and nutrition. It is definitely a product that will help us make our country a much healthier and fitter nation sharing this information is definitely a must.
- Gerald Molnarffy, Realfit, Melbourne

"I found the possibilities available with Metabolic Jumpstart really exciting for myself, my clients and my training at Real Fit & Ignite Fitness. He provides clarity and motivation to optimize your lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.
- Kate Pedicini, Realfit & Ignite Fitness, Melbourne

"Matt’s Metabolic Jumpstart Program has made healthy eating simple. Matt’s metabolically matched diet plan and all the Metabolic Jumpstart tools is something I have been waiting for years for. The best health and fitness product on the market."

- Dean Casamento, Realfit, Melbourne

"To get the results you want your clients to get, get with Matt O’Neill’s Metabolic Jumpstart Program. A easy real food nutrient rich diet plan matched to your metabolism. This makes the difference when you commit, give Metabolic Jumpstart a go! It is the best diet plan.
- Paul Lewis, Fit to Travel, Sydney

MJ Coach Certification -  Sydney, Brisbane, London, Auckland


Cancellations & non-attendance: If after enrolling you cannot attend your MJ Coach Certification Course, you can alert us by email at least 7 days prior and receive a full refund. Cancellations between 7 days and 24 hours prior receive a refund minus a $50 administration fee. If you cancel attendance within 24 hours of the course date you will receive a credit towards a future MJ Coach Certification Course, minus the $50 admin fee.


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Aust Course - Sydney Aust
Your presenter is Matt O'Neill
Date & Times
Rego from 8.30am, Course 9am-5pm
Online here - Click to enrol now!
Fee - $AUD299

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Education Centre - Level 5
431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney
Tea, coffee and water provided all day
Breaks - Fruit & yoghurt for breaks
Lunch - Wraps and sandwiches

Aust Course - Melbourne Aust
Your presenter is Matt O'Neill
Date & Times
Rego from 8.30am, Course 9am-5pm
Online here - Click to enrol now!
Fee - $AUD299

Australian Institute of Fitness
276 Russell Street
Melbourne CBD
Fruit, tea, coffee and water provided

Proudly supported by

Nuts for Life


UK Course - London UK
Your presenter is Matt O'Neill
Locations, Dates & Times




Rego from 8.30am, Course 9am-5pm
Venues to be Confirmed
Tea, coffee and water provided all day
Lunch & breaks - Buy at bistro
Fee - $AUD299 = Approx GBP166
Call Drummond 0871 22 194 22
Or online - Click to enrol now!
UK Education Partner:


NZ Course - Auckland NZ
Your presenter is Matt O'Neill
Date & Times
Rego from 8.30am, Course 9am-5pm
Fee - $AUD299 = Approx $NZ365
11 Sultan Street, Ellerslie, Auckland

NZ Education Partner:


Tick MJ Training at your club

Yes, you can have all your staff trained to promote Metabolic Jumpstart and use the powerful system at your fitness centre or club. Please contact us for more details. See the MJ Official Partner Testimonials and Videos above.

MJ Coach Certification


Fitness Australia


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