8-Week Shape Up Challenge 2019

Jump into my 8-Week Challenge, starting 4th Feb 2019
Optimise your hormones & metabolism...

At last, a Challenge to help you focus on your diet to achieve optimum food balance for breakthrough 
with Dietitian, Matt O'Neill as your expert guide and coach. 

MJ 8-Week Spring Challenge 2018

Get these bonus Challenge benefits when you register for the 8-Week Spring Challenge and join the MJ Club:

You receive the usual Metabolic Jumpstart program with extra benefits:

> 8-Week Challenge participation with weekly coaching emails from Matt O'Neill.

> Downloadable "Challenge Chart" to tick off your food and fitness targets.

> Weekly progress check-ins & support in our Members Facebook group.

You'll receive a full Metabolic Jumpstart Report with your diet plan and program: 

You get an expertly designed and matched diet plan based on your unique personal profile by Matt O'Neill. Here's what you get...

Your Report & Diet Plan Metabolic Jumpstart Diet Plan and Report download

Customised for you at just a fraction of the cost for one-on-one consultation:

Body shape assessment & health risk profileTake the challenge

> Metabolic rate for: baseline, lifestyle & exercise

> Personal calorie burning times for specific foods

> Sample menu plan with meals & in correct portions

> Nutrition targets for kJ, calories, fat, protein & carbs

> Ready reckoner with daily food group exchange targets

> ‘Mix & Match’ guide Matt’s easy-to-follow rules

Downloadabe Tools Downloadable Tools to stay on target

Simple, habit-changing tools to download, print & use:

> Shopping List with the best nutrient-rich foods

> 8 Daily Target cards to check off your positive habits

> 3 Fridge cards reminders for Appetite, Effort and Mood

> Daily Journal template to check your Exchanges

Website Access Weekly Coaching Program to re-program your eating habits 

Expert, step-by-step coaching by Matt in videos, emails and web:

> Getting started checklist online and Matt's rules clearly explained

> Weekly email program with coaching tips to adjust your nutrition plan

> Over 100 FAQs with simple answers about your program

Yes Each week has new food ideas to help change how you eat 

New food ideas
Each week, you'll master a new food challenge to change how you eat & think about food:

> Week 1 - Pantry makeover - Challenge eating rules, essentials shopping list.

> Week 2 - Dinner success - Simple, quick & lean dinners.

> Week 3 - Best breakfasts -  Big & small breakies, Protein & carb recipes.

> Week 4 - Smart snacking - Best savoury & sweet snacks, Snack strategies.

> Week 5 - Lunches to love - Pack or buy list, Soup season recipes.

> Week 6 - Dessert time - Light choices, Sweet fix favourite recipes.

> Week 7 - Leftover magic - Meals that freeze, Best bulk-cook recipes.

> Week 8 - Celebration time - Entertainer treats, Food rules to live by.

Online Discussion Discussion forum to ask Matt & his team your questions

Matt O'Neill

Support is always available online to help you with any challenges:

> Search past comments for answers and insight into your favourite topics
> Get answers to queries about your Plan directly from Matt O'Neill

You need to join the MJ Club when you register to participate in the Challenge. You get even more support & motivation:

By joining the MJ Club you automatically enter the 8-Week Challenge and get the most out of your Metabolic Jumpstart. Here's what you also receive when you join the MJ Club:

> Weekly MJ Club eNews with recipes, tools and motivation. Sample.

> Ongoing access to Discussion, FAQs and Matt's O'Neill's expert advice.

> Over 300 recipes, all with Metabolic Jumpstart Food Exchanges. Sample.

> Over 1000 supermarket foods with Exchanges.

> Online Food Database and Exercise Log.

> Over 100 Tip sheets with solutions for every challenge.

> 20 Coaching audio seminars by Matt.

> Dozens of downloadable tools, posters and charts.

What does the MJ 8-Week Challenge cost?

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Only $79.95 for your Metabolic Jumpstart Program, plus $9.95 per month ongoing for your MJ Club Membership*. That's only $89.90 at registration.

You can cancel your membership at any time and still complete the 8-Week Shape Up Challenge. 

Already an MJ Club Member?

You can join the 8-Week Shape Up Challenge too. To sign up, use the link in your MJ Club eNews or the My Jumpstart > MJ Plus section of the website.

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Jump back into Metabolic Jumpstart by joining the MJ Club here and choosing the 8-Week Challenge option. You only pay $9.95 per month as long as you are a member. 

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Tick Signing up is easy!

Follow these steps: 

Step 1 Register your profile

Complete your Personal Profile (green button below) to provide all the details I need to match your diet plan.

Step 1 Choose start date 4th Feb
In the profile, choose the Monday 4th February 2019 as your Start Date.

Step 1 Join the MJ Club
When you choose your payment option, join the MJ Club to get additional resources and support you need to reach your goals.

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  Who can & can’t do a Metabolic Jumpstart?

Metabolic Jumpstart is appropriate for most adults. In some cases we may need to adjust your plan to better match it for you. We may also need to contact you for additional information before approving your diet plan, especially if you are taking particular medications. In some circumstances we may not be able to approve your diet plan and will refund your registration fee.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your registration if any of the following apply:

> You are aged less than 18 years or over 70 years.
> You are pregnant.
You have Type 1 Diabetes or are taking insulin.
You have cancer. You have a kidney or liver disorder.
> You have an eating disorder.

We would like to give everyone a Jumpstart but know in some cases it’s not possible.